NASCAR / Talladega Speedway
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NASCAR / Talladega Speedway

The Challenge:

Bubba’s Block Party

The Strategy:

Partner with NASCAR, Talladega Superspeedway, and 23/11 to create a large-scale community engagement event that would promote Bubba Wallace, the Occtober race in Talladega, and the opportunities for diverse engagement across the sport of racing.

The Execution:

Support 23/11 with the execution of the first Bubba’s Block Party in Birmingham, AL. During this event we showcased local minitiity owned business, provided free haircuts, featured performances from A-list regional talent and introduces Birmingham’s diverse community to NASCAR and Talladega Superspeedat events



About This Project

Bubba’s Block Party events are free, one-day festivals with a capacity of approximately 4-5K people. They’re hosted at tracks, venues, and parks near multicultural communities in the days before a race weekend.  Events are promoted via local media outlets and provide attendees with a variety of activities that include everything from music and live concerts to food truck villages, local small business vendor retail opportunities, games, kids areas, NASCAR/23XI partner activations, VIP lounges and NASCAR edutainment stations that ensure engagement throughout the evening. In addition to festival activities, event attendees are invited to redeem vouchers for free tickets to the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race at each local market so that they can attend and experience the sport in person.