Agency54’s New Leadership
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Agency54’s New Leadership

  |   Public Affairs

Dr. Brenda Dickerson-Lewis, a graduate of Spelman College and Michigan State University, is the President and CEO of Agency54. Under her leadership, Agency54 is committed to offering an authentic perspective when working with clients. While her husband, Dr. Jessie Lewis, founder of Agency54, is a legend today, prominent in the field of advertising and public relations, Dr. Brenda Dickerson-Lewis has achieved a storied career. As President and CEO, her novel perspective allows her to have oversight of blending digital strategies with more traditional media functions in this ever evolving industry. With unique expertise and business acumen, she will forge ahead in the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising.  

Dr. Dickerson-Lewis has received numerous awards, including Harvard’s Dean Excellence in Service Award and Harvard Black Alumni Associations Award. She has also served on the Fulbright Fellowship Selection Committee and the Innovations in Government Committee. She was a Stockholder for the Harvard University Cooperative Society and has served on several boards, including the NAACP. Recently, Dr. Dickerson-Lewis has served on the Birmingham Water Works Board and the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Commission. Seeing the need for political change, Dr. Dickerson-Lewis founded a non-profit organization called the Citizens’ Coalition for Birmingham, which seeks transparency and accountability in government. She has also traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Africa, Asia and Europe. To date, she has 4 children and 6 grandchildren. Dr. Dickerson-Lewis stands as a pillar in the community, and her work ethic and strong moral conviction make Agency54 a standout in the advertising industry.