About Us
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65+ Years of Opening New Markets and Promoting Brands

Agency54 is a full-service global communications and strategic public affairs firm that works one-on-one with organizations to find the best solutions to connect with their customers, communities, and constituents. Our focus is to create campaigns and experiences that make our clients’ businesses successful. As a team, we break barriers to ensure our clients are the best in their markets.


Global Communications: Our aim with companies and brands is to positively impact globally and in the community while simultaneously growing our clients’ businesses. We help clients develop social strategies that align with their core business objectives and utilize creative storytelling, along with experiential marketing strategies, to build trust and grow relationships amongst targeted audiences.
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Public Relations

Campaign Planning:

Campaign planning is the process of developing a strategic approach to achieving a specific communication goal. We identify our client's target audience, defining the key messages, and developing a plan for delivering those messages through the appropriate channels.

News Writing:

Newswriting is the art of writing news stories that are informative, accurate, and engaging. We use a variety of techniques to tell stories in a clear and concise way, while also providing readers with the information they need to understand the story.

Media Relations:

Media relations is the process of building and maintaining relationships with journalists and other media professionals. We work to get their clients' stories featured in the media which can help to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

Event Planning:

Event planning is the process of organizing and executing an event. We work to develop a concept, budget, and timeline for the event, as well as to secure speakers, vendors, and sponsors. We also work to promote the event and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Ad Copy:

Ad copy is the text that appears in advertisements. We design ad copy for our clients to capture the reader's attention, persuade them to learn more about the product or service being advertised, and ultimately convince them to take action.

Social Media Calendars and Content:

We create social media calendars for our clients that are used to plan and schedule social media content in advance. This helps to ensure that content is published on a regular basis and that it is aligned with the overall marketing strategy. Social media content can include a variety of formats, such as text, images, videos, and infographics.

Crisis Communications:

Crisis communications is the process of managing communications during a crisis. We work to protect our client's reputation and inform the public about the crisis in a timely and accurate manner.

Media Monitoring:

Media monitoring is the process of tracking mentions of a brand or organization in the media. We can identify positive, negative, and neutral mentions, as well as the reach and sentiment of those mentions. This information can be used to inform PR and marketing strategies.

Audience Research:

Audience research is the process of gathering information about a specific group of people. We use this information to help our clients understand their audience's needs, wants, and interests, as well as their media consumption habits. Audience research can be used to develop more effective communication strategies.



We craft powerful identities that tell our clients' stories, shape perceptions, and drive results. Imagine logos, color palettes, and messaging that resonate deeply with their audience.

Graphic Design:

We bring our clients' ideas to life with visually compelling newsletters, reports, posters, brochures, and more thoughtful engaging layouts, impactful infographics, and clear communication.


Whether our clients need classic hand-drawn art or cutting-edge digital illustrations, we bring our clients' visions to life. Breathe personality into our client brand with unique visuals.


From crisp standard photos to immersive 360° experiences and even 3D scans, we capture stunning visuals that tell our clients' stories. Our state-of-the-art equipment guarantees exceptional quality.


Standard productions, breathtaking drone footage, and captivating 360° videos - we create high-end video content that engages and inspires.

Web Development:

We build user-friendly and visually stunning websites and mobile apps for desktop and mobile, ensuring seamless online experiences for our client's audience.

Mobile App Development:

We turn our clients' innovative ideas into intuitive and engaging mobile applications, optimizing their reach and user experience.

Audio/Video Production Studio:

Our professional studio provides the perfect environment for high-quality audio and video recordings, interviews, and voiceovers.

3D Modeling for AR/VR:

We create cutting-edge 3D models that push the boundaries of reality immersing our client's audience in augmented and virtual experiences that leave a lasting impression.