Alabama Power
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Alabama Power

The Challenge:

Diverse Advertising

The Strategy:

Identify opportunities to include & highlight diverse consumers via quarterly marketing campaigns.

The Execution:

Utilize images of diverse blue collar family men & women in a print campaign for the City of Birmingham.


September 16, 2023



About This Project

All Savings and Time Advantage Programs. Every dollar you save makes a difference, now more than ever. Did you know that you can save energy and money by shifting appliance use to outside of peak times and not running all appliances at once? With Alabama Power’s Time Advantage rate plans, you can! Alabama Power is committed to helping you with your power bill. We offer several ways to save more money, from a Medicaid rate for those who qualify, to time–of–use rates that allow you to switch your electricity use to times when energy costs are lower, to special discounts for churches and schools.